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There was a time when buying an automobile was easier, for example when Henry Ford built the original model T Ford it had four wheels and a steering wheel, it was available in every colour, as long as you liked black.

Similarly, buying a coffee machine used to be more straight forward. There may have been a lot of options when it came to colours and shapes, but the technology didn’t really change that much in 100 years.

Automobiles on the other hand, have changed hugely, especially in recent times compared to that of a Model T Ford. Likewise, our barista coffee machines have finally had some great advancements with the Reneka’s self-tamping and automatic steam and latte art options.

They are still solid, hand-made machines like the Model T Fords of years gone by, but these new barista technologies drive a stark difference in coffee quality, consistency, and other benefits than the many old style traditional group machines available on the market.

These Reneka machines still have many of the characteristics of Angelo Moriondo’s first espresso machine built in 1884, however they also provide coffee technology that was once thought not possible.

This product development was manufactured to keep up with the growing demand for consistency in quality coffee.

Whilst there is now more choice of barista technology to help with your customers’ needs – their need for consistently good coffee – the options are still limited, with traditional handmade quality concepts, coupled with traditional machines working alongside standalone coffee technology such as self-tamping presses and automatic milk steamers.

Buckle up, read on and let us help you with your decision-making process to determine which barista technology suits your customers, your staff and your business to be the best in today’s market. Times are changing, life is too short, and you no longer need to drive a “Model T” coffee machine!

Reneka arguably offers the most technically advanced barista machine on the market today, hence we thought it helpful to offer an assessment of the Reneka Life Barista Machine vs a combination of its nearest competitors – albeit standalone devices to be coupled with your traditional barista machine – in an attempt to ‘retrofit’ barista technology to those older, low tech coffee machines.

C’est magnifique!

Reneka Life machines have it all. From auto-steam technology, self-tamping and latte art technology all built in to one machine. It’s all there and you do not need to buy any other standalone coffee tech equipment to help you produce quality coffee with greater consistency, plus you are keeping costs down.

Established in Strasbourg, France 1919, and having built their first wall mounted coffee machines in 1932, Reneka knows coffee machines and have been pioneers in modern barista technology, we are always anticipating their next move and innovation.

More than one hundred years ago, you had only one option with Henry Ford’s Model T. Why are you living so far back in the past with your coffee machine?!